Rebecca Forstadt Voice Actor Los Angeles www.rebeccaforstadt.comRebecca Forstadt – Voice Actor – SAG AFTRA

I’m a 35 + year plus professional voice actor with an long list of credits in film, television, cartoons, anime, video games, audio books, and podcasts. I specialize in young sounding voices from infants to young adults, especially little girls. In the course of my infamous career, I have played everything from a cockroach to a monster. A long time member of SAG-AFTRA, I work primarily in the Los Angeles area. (but am available to travel)

Occasionally, I appear at anime, sci-fi and comic book conventions and am available for paid personal appearances.

Click here to contact me for voice work or to book me for a convention.

For my fans, please follow me on Twitter, I also welcome comments on my blog.

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