Kevin Seymour

Goodbye Kevin Seymour – You Were a King in the Anime Genre

I wanted to write this post in honor of a man I had the privilege of being directed by for many years.  His name was Kevin Seymour and it was recently announced that he passed away.  I don’t know what caused his untimely death.  I know he was in bad health for quite a while. He was an ADR dubbing director for many films and TV series in the anime genre. Some of the … [Read More...]

5 Simple Steps to Success as an Actor

The 5 Simple Steps to Success as an Actor by a Modern Family Kind of Ty

I was watching a snippet of the SAG AWARDS 2014, after we finally found it on TV, and absolutely loved Ty Burrell’s acceptance speech when he was awarded Best … [Read More...]

How to Set Up a Voice Over Website

How to Set Up A Voice Over Website to Promote Your Business

One of my areas of expertise, believe it or not, is setting up WordPress websites.  I decided to learn how to do it as a way of making extra income, in between voice … [Read More...]

Combat Radio

My 2014 Voice Over Wishes for You

Happy New Year to everyone who visits my voice over site.  I appreciate your interest.  Some of you are fans of my work, others are aspiring or working actors, friends, and the rest of you are a mystery.  However, I’m glad you're here. I want to send out a … [Read More...]

My home studio

My Love Hate Relationship with Recording Voiceover From Home

I started my voiceover career over 30 years ago when the main markets were pretty much LA and New York.   For a large part of that time, you either got work from your agent or through people you knew.  I had a top voiceover agent for 25 years, but their main … [Read More...]

Ionescos Tales with Eugene Ionesco

A Voiceover Actor’s Nightmare – Memorizing Lines

I had a terrifying dream last night.  I dreamt I had gotten cast in a play.  That's odd, because I haven't done theater since before I had kids in the 80's.  Los Angeles has theatre, but isn't exactly a "theatre" town.  The reason is; you not only don't get … [Read More...]

Voice Over Website

Voice Acting for Dummies Chapter Review – Websites

I recently received my copy of Voice Acting for Dummies, written by Stephanie and David Ciccarelli from , and I have to say it's a very concise and informative book for aspiring voice over actors. It also offers valuable information for those who … [Read More...]

Bad Dog

Why You Can’t Take Rejection Personally as an Actor

Something happened today that hasn't happened in the 30 plus years I've been a voiceover actor.  I actually got fired from a job.  It was weird to say the least.  I had worked 4 and 1/4 hours of the 8 hours that I'd been booked. After the first day, everyone … [Read More...]


Create Your Own Voiceover Projects to Monetize Instead of Waiting to be Cast

As someone who is an entrepreneur as well as a voiceover actor, I realize the importance of being able to create your own income streams rather than waiting to be cast. If you're on an ongoing series like the Simpsons, you probably don't have to worry about … [Read More...]